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OR Clearing Services has suitably qualified professionals who have experience in customs and a passion to serve clients to the best of our abilities. We never compromise on the quality and services provided to our customers. Our SARS accredited clearing agent, registered on EDI will always be available to assist 24/7.

Customs Clearing & Fowarding

OR Clearing Services specializes in efficient and compliant customs clearing and for- warding solutions. Our team of experts meticulously handles all aspects of the customs clearance process, ensuring smooth and timely movement of goods. We collaborate closely with clients to gather and review all necessary documentation, accurately cal- culate duties and taxes, and navigate through intricate customs procedures. With our in-depth knowledge of regulations and commitment to detail, we streamline the clear- ance process, minimizing delays and maximizing cost savings. Trust us to handle your customs clearance requirements with precision and professionalism, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

Road Freight

At OR Clearing Services, we offer reliable road freight solutions tailored to your transpor- tation needs. Our extensive network of trusted partners enables us to provide flexible and cost-effective road transportation options for shipments of all sizes. Whether it's local or cross-border transportation, we ensure timely and secure delivery of your goods. With our expertise in route planning, customs regulations, and industry best prac- tices, you can rely on us for efficient road freight services that optimize your supply chain operations.

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Air Freight

When it comes to time-sensitive and high-value shipments, our air freight services deliv- er speed, efficiency, and global reach. We work in close collaboration with reputable airlines and logistics partners to provide reliable air transportation solutions. Our team manages every aspect of the air freight process, from handling customs documenta- tion to coordinating pick-up and delivery. With our industry knowledge and strong part- nerships, we ensure seamless movement of goods and expedited delivery to the intend- ed destination. Trust OR Clearing Services for secure and efficient air freight services that meet your most demanding logistics requirements.

Sea Freight

OR Clearing Services is your trusted partner for sea freight shipments, offering reliable and cost-effective solutions. Whether you require full container load (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) shipments, we have the expertise to handle them efficiently. Our team negotiates competitive rates with trusted shipping lines, manages documenta- tion, arranges for containerization, and oversees cargo tracking. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we ensure the safe and timely transportation of your goods by sea. Partner with us for seamless sea freight services that optimize your supply chain and support your business growth.

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